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Designing Research with Use in Mind

At the outset of each evaluation, Education Matters' researchers work with funders and those being funded to determine appropriate evaluation questions, data collection strategies, sample selection, analytic lenses, and timely reporting schedules. We seek to understand the theories that undergird the improvement efforts in order to insure that the evaluation addresses key assumptions and facets of the program or set of practices.

Education Matters' researchers develop deep knowledge of the reforms they are studying to insure that the time they spend interviewing and observing teachers, principals, staff developers and administrators is well-spent from the perspective of the researchers and those being studied. As the evaluation proceeds, we take stock of the work underway as well as any revisions in the reforms being implemented and the needs of the funders, schools and/or school systems. In light of what we learn, in collaboration with funders and stakeholders, we may change the evaluation design to reflect changes in implementation.

During the report writing phase, Education Matters strives to insure that:

  • Reports address issues that are of value and concern to the users.
  • Data and analyses are presented in clear, accessible, and compelling ways that give voice to the work of teachers, principals, and others who are central to the enterprise.
  • Reports accentuate positive accomplishments as well as alert stakeholders to potential or existing problems.
  • Confidentiality, where promised, is protected, and,
  • The suggestions proposed are plausible given the educational context.

Education Matters shares confidential drafts of its reports with appropriate stakeholders and makes adjustments where they are needed. Members of the evaluation teams are also available to discuss reports with all levels of the districts and/or schools.

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